How our Shopping Trolley Lock Systems Work

All shopping trolley anti-theft lock systems supplied and installed by Kavanagh Engineering work to stop push-out theft in its tracks.

They uses radio frequency and wheel lock technology to prevent shoplifters from pushing out trolleys full of goods, safeguarding your store from theft and protecting your profits. Paying customers are allowed exit as normal, but would-be thieves are literally stopped at the door.

Paying Customers

Customer using Purchek system

1 – As the customer enters the store, a Intelligent Wheel on their trolley receives entry permission, allowing the customer to shop for an unlimited period of time

2 – After the customer pays for their goods at an approved check-out point, the Intelligent Wheel receives an exit permission signal from a Purchek point.

3 – The customer can visit other areas of the store (such as a customer service desk) if desired, before proceeding as normal through the exit.

Push-out Theft Attempts

Theif attempting to bypass Purchek system

1 – A Intelligent Wheel on the trolley pushed by the would-be thief receives entry permission as normal, as it brought into the store.

2 – However, because the Intelligent Wheel does not receive the exit permission at a check-out point, it will lock when it comes within range of the lock signal at the exit – disabling the trolley.

3 – As the Intelligent Wheel locks, it will trigger an alarm (which can be audible or visual) to alert store personnel that an attempted theft is taking place, and at which exit the attempt is occurring.

4 – The would-be thief abandons the trolley and its contents there, meaning the store does not actually become victim of shoplifting.

A perimeter boundary can also be laid around your car park outside, to help prevent another costly problem of people taking shopping trolleys away even if they have paid for their goods.

System Design and Installation

Once you contact Kavanagh Engineering regarding installation and activation of a shopping trolley anti-theft system, the process is as follows:

  • Survey & Quotation – We visit your premises to survey the store lay-out, identify necessary lock/unlock signal points, and conduct a count of your shopping trolley stock, all in order to provide a detailed quotation.
  • Digging & Cabling – When the quotation is accepted, we proceed by digging below floor/ground level to install the lock/unlock signal points and associated cabling. This work can be carried out overnight or at other closed times, to minimise customer disruption.
  • Intelligent Wheel installation – Simultaneously, we install a Intelligent Wheel on each of your shopping trolleys, to enable it to work with the new system. We also install an anti-tilt mechanism on each trolley, which prevents shoplifters from pushing down on the trolley handle to attempt to exit by pushing the trolley on rear wheels only.
  • Testing & Training – We conduct thorough testing of the anti-theft system before we leave the site. We give a demonstration to store management/staff of the ease and effectiveness of the system, and show them how simple it is to free up a trolley again following an attempted theft, by means of remote control.

Benefits of our supermarket trolley anti-theft systems

  • Push-out thefts are drastically reduced – saving thousands of euro per year
  • Shopping trolley removal from external areas is also greatly reduced
  • Frees security staff from door duties, to watch for other forms of theft in store
  • Manufacturer’s warranty covering parts and labour
  • Long Intelligent Wheel battery life
  • Minimum servicing/replacement parts needed
  • Visually unobtrusive, yet highly effective
  • Fully sealed locking wheel, to prevent tampering and to make wheel weatherproof
  • Wireless reset after Intelligent Wheel lock activation

Get our systems to work for you

To talk to us about bringing our shopping trolley lock systems to you, please call us at (056) 772 4111 or use our Contact Us form.

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