Shopping Trolley Lock System Case Studies

The following are samples of reports we have heard from previous clients who have had a shopping trolley anti-theft lock system installed by Kavanagh Engineering:

  • In one store, the senior security officer reported how his detection rate of other shoplifting attempts, such as concealing items in bags or pockets, increased after the system was installed.

    This was due to how he could afford to give more time to routine patrols of the store, since the trolley anti-theft system was automatically performing one of his previous duties, which was to watch for push-out theft attempts.
  • In another store, the prevented three attempted push-out thefts involving goods totalling approximately €1,500 in just the first week after being installed. At that rate, the system would save the store a massive €78,000 per year.
  • The manager of another store reported three months after installation that push-out thefts had dramatically decreased there – and that there were reports that they had increased at a nearby supermarket which was not using the system.

    This shows that organised shoplifters will move on to strike at another store once they know it is impossible to strike at a store covered by one of our anti-theft systems. If you know that a neighbouring store is using such a system, then you need to seriously consider installing one too.

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