Shopping Trolley System

Kavanagh Engineering offer three shopping trolley anti-theft systems to provide a simple but effective means of tackling theft from your store.

They use radio frequency and locking wheel technology to prevent shoplifting push-outs from your store or outside area, by simply causing a trolley Intelligent Wheel to seize up in the event of an attempted theft – stopping the would-be thief from progressing any further.

The most straightforward application of our systems is in stores with separate entrance/exit doors. The specialist detector units can be placed at the entrance doors only, so that the Intelligent Wheel lock on a trolley activates if somebody attempts to take a trolley out that door, rather than in.

In the case of a store that allows entry and exit through the same doors, additional technology – named Purchek – is installed at all check-out points, including self-service check-outs.

This sends a radio signal to the effect that the trolley has properly passed through a payment point, and can be legitimately allowed to be brought to the car park. The Intelligent Wheel lock still activates on other trolleys that have not been through the Purchek point at the check-outs.

Activation points can also be installed at car park exits, to prevent the additional and costly problem of shopping trolleys being taken away and having to be replaced.

Our shopping trolley anti-theft systems can save any supermarket thousands of euro in push-out thefts per year.

We supply systems by leading developers Gatekeeper, Carttronic, and Rocateq, and we can advise on which will best suit your premises when we first conduct a site audit.

To talk more to us about our shopping trolley anti-theft systems and the benefits they can bring you, please call us at (056) 772 4111 or use our Contact Us form.

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