Anti-Theft System Preventing Trolley Push-Out

Shoplifting costs Irish supermarkets in the region of €150 million per year, according to the latest available report, with push-out trolley thefts accounting for a large portion of this figure.

Thieves are growing ever more organised and resourceful in their tactics, but the supermarket trolley anti-theft systems supplied and installed by Kavanagh Engineering  are designed to literally halt them in their tracks.

Radio frequency and wheel lock technology combine to make an Intelligent Wheel lock up if a would-be thief attempts to illicitly push a trolley from a store – such as by exiting through an entrance-only door, or through an approved exit door without having first passed through a designated check-out payment point.

If a thief attempts to push-out a trolley full of unpaid goods through the entrance door of the store, the trolley will not only lock at the door, but it will set off a series of alarms, a flashing beacon above the door and a siren screaming in their ear. This will ensure that the thief will leave the premises in a hurry and will not have time to take any of their stolen goods. Your staff can now take back the trolley full of your goods which never actually left the store. The added bonus is the health and safety of your staff, known that they do not have to confront the perpetrator, which can be dangerous, especially if that person is cornered.

We supply checkout theft prevention systems developed by market leaders Gatekeeper, Carttronics, and Rocateq. All can be used with any existing shopping trolley stock, and in any store layout.

Learn more on the Gatekeeper and Purchek system at How it Works, or contact us to request a site audit and advice on which system would best suit your store.

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