Trolley Retention Systems to Prevent Trolley Theft from Carpark

Smartwheel for Gatekeeper/Purchek Shopping Trolley System

Shopping trolley lock systems, as supplied and installed by Kavanagh Engineering, are simplicity itself in terms of use – but are as effective as can be in preventing supermarkets from losing their trolleys to the nearest housing estate, or to be used by kids joyriding in your trolley. This will cost the supermarket between €120 and €150 for the trolley replacement, but could also end up with a fine for litter by the local Co. Council and this will push your costs up to €300 …

If a supermarket has a limited number of trolleys, it is even more important the there is a trolley there for the customer. If that trolley is in the local river or has ended up on waste ground, or is now being used as a Barbeque (not uncommon) and is not parked neatly outside the supermarket for the customer, the supermarket will definitely lose the sale of what could be €100 or more. So if we add together the cost of allowing that trolley to be taken from your car park, it could come to a shocking €400 !!

Radio technology and detection points combine to make a patented Intelligent Wheel on the trolley seize up. The Intelligent Wheel can easily be fitted in place of an existing front wheel, and is compatible with all standard shopping trolley designs.

Detection points are placed at car park exits and pedistrian exits, to prevent the problems caused by people taking trolleys from the premises even if they have paid for the goods they carry.

Intelligent Wheels are simply fitted to any existing shopping trolley in just minutes. The associated detection and alarm point technology can be efficiently and expertly installed during store closedown hours, to keep customer disruption to a minimum.

Overall,  the shopping trolley lock systems developed by Gatekeeper, Carttronics and Roqatec, and supplied by Kavanagh Engineering, can soon be working towards saving any supermarket thousands of euro in push-out thefts each year.

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