Shopping Trolleys

Commissioning and installation of a Gatekeeper, Carttronics or Roqatec supermarket trolley anti-theft system is an opportune time to survey existing shopping trolley stock, and to order any necessary replacements and/or additions.

Some trolleys in stock may have developed the infamous ‘supermarket wobble’ through years of use, while others may have become deformed around the front wheel area, making them incompatible with Intelligent Wheel devices.

Kavanagh Engineering can supply you with any new shopping trolley stock needed, with the following features:

  • Available in range of sizes
  • Available with or without child seats
  • Can have a Intelligent Wheel device pre-installed before delivery
  • Universal design means our trolleys can be racked with any existing stock

Our range of supermarket trolleys

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Supermarket groups who use our shopping trolley anti-theft systems include:
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